High-tech for long flying times

They are characterised by highly extended flying times, thanks to the highly modern shell materials and optimised aerodynamics in the wind channel. The propeller drive and side rudders enable it to manoeuvre even against the wind. In this manner, it is ensured, in contrast to other hot air balloons, that the ad message is seen exactly where the customer desires it to be visible.

In addition, a great advantage compared to conventional, gas-filled airships is also that they do not need to be maintained in a hangar associated with immense costs, but may be kept easily and comfortably on a trailer. In this manner, the hot aerial vessels deployed by us may be transported with ease to the desired location and set up and made ready to fly within a short period of time, which also gives the onlookers at site the rare opportunity to experience the start-up of an airship from close at hand.

Flexible at site

Since our airships are filled with hot air and not with gas, they can always be de-aerated whenever required, as often as desired and shipped quickly and set up again just as quickly. This enables our customers to enjoy a high level of flexibility with the choice of the place of deployment – at an attractive price.

Our airships are able to take off from any large open space or a field or meadow of any size. We make all arrangements for obtaining the relevant take-off and landing approvals and, of course, also clarify whether there are any aviation-related restrictions. The airship may also take-off from the company's own premises if they are large enough. The airship form of advertisement is particularly effective basically near metropolitan regions and large outdoor events since this reaches a large number of people in one shot.

Only unfavourable weather conditions such as rain, strong wind or intense thermal conditions may make it impossible to have a safe take-off. It is for this reason that the time of deployment is limited to the time in the morning or evening. During this time, deployment is particularly useful and beneficial during the morning office traffic on the autobahns and cities or in the evening near places where outdoor events are held or organised.